Diversity yields better design.

The design field aspires to embrace and celebrate the distinct life experiences and uniqueness of all people. We do this not only because it is the right and noble thing to do, but also because it’s core to what we aspire to achieve in our work.

We design for the world around us. As designers, we endeavor to understand and empathize with the diversity of human experience as core to our capacity to design.

It is out of this belief in the power of exchange, understanding, empathy, and embrace to shape better design—and better lives for people—that's why we at Sasaki choose to hold an annual celebration of Pride. We want nothing more than to have our peers and friends around town join us as we celebrate and vocalize our support of LGBTQ+ through shared stories, representation in the annual Boston Pride Parade and community philanthropy.

We invite all of Boston’s design community to walk in solidarity with us in 2020's parade and start a network committed to seeking social justice for the LGBTQ+ community within our own local hub.

Dream with us.

We invite you to celebrate Pride 2020 with us in three ways:
Walk with us.

Join us in June 2020 to march together in Boston’s 50th Annual Pride Parade.

Celebrate with us.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can join us in celebrating #Pride2020.

Advocate with us.

In 2019, Sasaki fundraised for the Santa Fe Dreamers Project because of their outstanding record in supporting trans migrants across the border. More details to come on how Sasaki is planning to get involved in supporting the LGBTQ+ community in 2020.

In 2019, we invited the Boston design community to join up in support of an organization making a tremendous impact for a marginalized transgender community in dire need of support and advocacy.

The Santa Fe Dreamers Project is an organization helping immigrant transgender women seeking asylum from Central America and Mexico find safe haven as they await processing. The Santa Fe Dreamers Project places these women in welcoming homes in host communities in and around San Francisco and Boston. Learn more about their work and why we're supporting it.