We believe in building equitable communities where everyone has a chance to succeed. Let’s create an opportunity for people seeking a safe and beautiful future to safely and humanely advocate for themselves and their families along the U.S. southern border.

We as a design community should be thinking through both the physical and social dimensions of equity along the border. Certainly, the design community has been asked to examine the implications of building a physical barrier along the United States’ southern border, but there are myriad human impacts that our profession can contribute to the design community’s response to what a border should be. Equity has both physical and social dimensions.


We chose to support an organization doing impactful work in partnership with the greater Boston community. Santa Fe Dreamers Project is partnering with local partners to host women in the coming year, and our funding will help ensure those placements move forward.

Since 2017, Cibola County Correctional Center in Milan, NM has been a prison for hundreds of transgender women seeking political asylum and protection from incredible violence against transgender women in their home countries. The vast majority of the women seeking asylum are from Central America and Mexico. They break no laws in seeking asylum. Nevertheless, the majority of transgender women who turn themselves in are then detained in Cibola and at a recently-designated “trans-pod” in the South Texas Detention Center in Pearsall, TX.

These detention facilities are notorious for their dangerous conditions. Women face medical neglect, a lack of mental health services, discrimination, and abusive use of solitary confinement in these facilities. The Santa Fe Dreamer's Project is committed to representing these women for their release from prison whether it is with a bond, a grant of parole, or a winning asylum case in immigration court. Working with a national network of partners, the Santa Fe Dreamers Project has helped release over 150 women from prison and are currently working with over 60 women still detained.


We’re an international design firm made immeasurably stronger by a diversity of people joining in work that reaches all around the world.

We’re committed to diversity of all kinds at Sasaki because we have always believed that diverse perspectives yield stronger design. This project is about making a commitment to diverse communities beyond our own studio walls.

Our investment in building cultural understanding is an investment in a global, humanistic practice, and it starts with advocating for greater empathy at our domestic borders.


The Santa Fe Dreamers Project is in urgent need of your help to protect and advocate for transgender women at the southern U.S. border who face dangerous conditions as they await fair processing of their bids for asylum.

If you choose to join in supporting this worthy cause, we have a Boston Design Community for Santa Fe Dreamers Project donation portal set up to gather a collective donation to go directly to the organization. Please click Donate at the top of this page.

*If you wish to donate directly to the organization for tax purposes, please make your donation via the Santa Fe Dreamers Project website. In the “Add a Note” section please write “Boston Design Community” so we can measure the collective impact of our gift.


The money raised will directly support efforts to get at-risk transgender immigrant women out of the detention centers as quickly as possible and find placements in safe host communities where shelter and support significantly improve their health and safety.